Top 6 Haircut Styles for men 2019

Top 6 Haircut Styles for men 2019

Top 6 Haircut Styles for men 2019  : First of all thank you for landing on this article, if you want to know about Top 6 Haircut Styles for men  you are in right place so without further a do lets get into Top 6 Haircut Styles for men 2019. 

1) Modern Quiff

haircut styles for men

Haircut styles for men will start of with the modern quiff. The Modern Quiff one of the most popular hairstyle from so long and is still in trend right now. So, the modern quiff is a combination of a Pompadour and a classic fade. It got a volume on top like a pompadour and also a fade on sides that give it very sleek look for Top 6 Haircut Styles for men.

The cool part is that you can experiment with long of hair length and sizes and it will always look really good on you because of the versatility of this haircut. It will look good on all kind of face structure.

Use a Hair Wax or Clay to style this hairstyle and you can also use a Hair Spray for the hold . Because of hair length and the volume using a product becomes a necessity if you want this style to look good on you. Keep reading “Top 6 Haircut Styles for men 2019”.

2) Crew Cut

Top 6 Haircut Styles for men

Next up in are list of “Top 6 Haircut Styles for men 2019” is crew cut. Crew cut one the most easy to maintain styles out there. It is also the hair style that will work with any hair face structure and any face style. This is great option for anyone having thin, thick or curly hair. This hairstyle will work on every one.

Because of the shorter hair length you also do not need lot of hair products to style this haircut. Just a wax or clay will perfectly do well for this haircut style and will save you time and money.

3) Classic Side Part 

Top 6 Haircut Styles for men

Side Part is there in the most popular hairstyles for men for decades now, and it will be in trend for more coming years. Because of it is versatile and easy to style. Side are trimmed and top is also trimmed using scissors and comb method.

You don’t need a blow dryer or a straightening iron or anything else to style you hair. It is just a simple and to go hairstyle for men. You can play with the hair length on the top as per your like and experiment what suits you better.

4) Buzz Cut

Top 6 Haircut Styles for men

Buzz cut is the most sexy and easy to style hair cut out there in the list. It is one of the easy to pull style too and you don’t need to put a lot of effort to style this hairstyle. It is very similar to a crew cut, but because of more tapered top it looks different.

In buzz cut sides are skin fade and top is tapered using trimmer setting of 1st or 2nd attachments. Because of skin fade and short length, your head structure matters lot in this style. If you got a really good head structure this style will look very attractive on you.

If you have a beard than this hairstyle will look more attractive on you. You combine your beard length with hair, it will look absolutely amazing. This the most recommended tip for you if you have a nicely grown beard.

5) Long And Textured

Top 6 Haircut Styles for men

If One word that i can give to this hairstyle it will be “Sexy”. This is a rock-star hair style. You want to look like a artist this style is for you so one have to let you hair grow and it will need a proper nourishing and have to take a proper care of your hair if you want it to look smooth .

You just need to shampoo and condition your hair time to time in order to look a proper because can get frizzy.And if  can pull this off if you want to look absolute sexy and charming beast.

6) Bald Cut

Top 6 Haircut Styles for men

This list of  “Top 6 Haircut Styles for men 2019” cannot end without including the mighty Bald Cut. This if one those styles that will always be in style and will always look good irrespective of you age and color.

Best part is that you need nothing to rock this hairstyle. So if you are one of those guys who have a hair loss or baldness problem. This style got you covered. You can change your Weakness to your strength if you have spot baldness problem.

That concludes the list of Top 6 Haircut Styles for men 2019. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section below and also subscribe to our mailing list to get more such content related to men styles and lifestyle.

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