6 Winter Styles For Men
6 winter styles for men

6 Winter Styles For Men

 1) Denim Jacket

6 Winter Styles For Men 2018
Winter Styles For Men (Denim Jacket)


Winter Styles For Men 2018 will start with with Denim jacket because these are very versatile piece of clothing that you can wear.It can act as a layering device or focal point of a outer wear.

Some of the look you can go for is a very casual and kind of more along the lines of that street vibe feel.The perfect example is a light wash denim jacket.

It goes with anything do you want to pair it with and not only that it has a very old rustic distressed feel to it since it’s
already been broken in.

1.1) Pairing Denim Jacket With a Hoodie


6 winter styles for men
6 winter styles for men (Denim Jacket With Hoodie)

Underneath a denim jacket you can use a hoodie which is the perfect complement to the outfit. You can go for a black, white, grey color options because they look very fantastic with the denim jacket. You can pair that look with a black skinny jeans for some street style look.

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2) Boots

6 winter styles for men (Boots)


For shoes options for fall and winter boots are definitely you wanna have in your closet. Boots can really enhance your look this winter as there are the classic but the most in style footwear of all time.

Boots are an investment, cheap boots are not gonna last very long you really wanna save up and try to get the best boot possible, invest in your boots because they will last you years.

So we highly recommend you to invest in good boots that will last for a long time. Chelsea Boot, Wingtip Boot, Brogue, Ankle Boots are some of the boots that you must take in consideration.

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3) Sweater

6 winter styles for men
6 winter styles for men (Sweater)


Sweater are there for ages and still is a very classy and versatile piece of clothing for men. Pairing it with a formal shirt will make your sweater look even better and can really enhance your look. Sweaters like V-Neck, Crew Neck, Turtle Neck are some of the sweater that you can rock this winter to enhance your overall look.

Tip:- For V-Neck sweater you wanna make sure that the point of the V does not go past your armpit (the tip of the V).

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4) Sweatshirt

6 winter styles for men
6 winter styles for men (Sweatshirt)


Sweatshirts are the modern piece of clothing that is in boom right now. you can wear it in so many different ways and it the most casual but stylish piece of clothing that should be in your closet.Sweaters are the perfect middle man between casual and formal.

There is a very thin line between Sweater and Sweatshirt and that thin like can really make a difference. Sweatshirt is more of a casual looking piece of clothing while sweater is slightly formal.

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5) Leather Jacket

6 winter styles for men
6 winter styles for men


Leather jacket is one of the sexiest and coolest piece of clothing that everyone can rock no matters whats your age, height, color etc. You can layer up your leather jacket with a formal shirt, sweatshirt, t-shirt and even a sweater.

A leather jacket is a brilliant piece of investment that you can make because is a very long lasting and will always compliment your look no matter what.

Best way to wear a leather jacket is to layer it with the above mention clothing, by this way you can enhance your look.

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6) Scarf

6 winter styles for men
6 winter styles for men (Scarf)


Well now a days men are not capitalizing the opportunity add something to there outfit and do it properly and that’s adding a scarf and using them in the right way. Not just for there functionality and keeping you warm but also in term of style.

This is somewhere you can add more color, more texture, more pattern that will improve your overall look. You can really experiment with your scarf and try out  different styles and get your own style to rock the scarf.

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